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Moisture removal from inside a wall Moisture detection in the wall

Wall Drying

All Clean technicians use moisture detectors to determine whether wall cavities have been affected by flooding or leaks. Baseboard moldings are then removed and holes are bored into each wall bay (the void between the studs). Tubing, which is attached to our wall drying system, is then inserted into the wall at regular intervals. The system creates a strong airflow across hidden wet materials to effect drying. The fan can either dry items by injection drying (forcing air into wall cavities), or extraction drying (pulling moist air out of the enclosed cavity). Once the operation is completed, the baseboard molding is reinstalled.

Moisture detection for a cabinet Equipment used in Cabinet dryinn

Cabinet Drying

Our cabinet drying system uses similar equipment to dry out voids under base cabinets, behind filler panels, and behind cabinets. Easy-to-patch, ΒΌ-in.-diameter holes provide the access for the blower tubing.