Insurance Preferred Water Damage Restoration Services

Wood Floor Drying

How to dry wood flooring

Wood floors are especially vulnerable to water damage. Wood can swell which can cause buckling. The space between the wood floor and the sub-floor can retain moisture and be a breeding ground for black mold and mildew. Waiting too long with water damage repairs and the wood will begin to rot. With our state of the art water detection system, we can find the source of the water then remove it thus protecting and preserving your wood floor investment.

How Do I Know When My Wood Floors Are Dry?

Using different methods of detection, we will find the source of the problem and determine the affected areas. Various methods include using thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters.

How We Dry Hardwood Floors from Above

Where you may have once thought drying hardwood floors was impossible – let us ease your mind now! First, we use our high-pressure vacuum equipment to pull excess water right through the wood flooring. Next, we locate wet areas using a moisture sensor. The water extraction mats are taped over the affected areas. Hoses connect the mats to a truck-mount extraction machine, which is used to draw out water trapped below the flooring. The mats may be moved to wherever sub-surface water is detected. The flooring is then carefully cleaned and refinished, if necessary.

Wood Floor Drying